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Florian Doppel-Prix

Studied musicology, sound engineering, electro-acoustic music, and experimental media.

Co-founder of cat-x, general manager, and project manager.

In addition to his cat-x activities, Florian Doppel-Prix builds boutique tube amps under the brand and is a co-founder of the

Hannes Köcher

Senior partner at cat-x: media concepts, interface design, programming

Studied electrical engineering, electro-acoustic music, and experimental media.

Media artist, composer, assistant director, and production manager for Austrian and international film productions.
Lena Doppel-Prix

Senior partner at cat-x: responsible for web development and digital strategy

Studied computer science, organizational development, journalism, song writing, and English literature & creative writing. 

Co-founder of cat-x  and the consulting firm IOT; web developer, university lecturer, board member and Digital Society, social media trainer and coach.
Andreas Platzer

Senior project manager at cat-x: responsible for on-site coordination and setup 

Studied philosophy and musicology.

Cultural manager, producer, and musician. Executive producer for Werkstadt Graz, Echoraum, numerous international cultural activities and projects. Machinist of the "Kasperl" Machine, an absurd sound apparatus.

Claudio della Schiava

Office management, web development, and visual design at cat-x.

Information Design Student

Geari Schreilechner

Project support and setup at cat-x.

Studiedinstrumental music, audio engineering, and lighting design. Freelance work with numerous artists and institutions including Forum Stadtpark, Werkstadt Graz, VNM-Festival, steirischer herbst, dramagraz, Paul DeMarinis, Serge Spitzer, Gustav Troger, Franz Xaver, Ernst M. Binder.