Company Profile

  • exhibition technology and media
    audio and video implementation, interactive components, interface design
  • project management
    production, technical management, media consulting, lectures
  • visual
    programming, visuals, video, lighting, architectural projections
  • audio
    sounddesign, sound engineering, recording, editing, media
  • installation
    industrial applications, setup, support, service, coordination, sales 
  • custom solutions
    for artistic interventions, dance, performance, interaction
  • content production
    webdesign and implementation of content management systems
  • logistics
    shipping, setup, coordination

catx is specialised on technical production of exhibitions, installations, interactive components and presentations.

Although there is a bias towards exhibitions, museum technology and contemporary media art, we also provide and install the technical infrastructure for venues, educational locations, and more.

Combining the non-linearity of creative processes with the efficiency of commercial applications is the main focus of our work.

The development of technical concepts and the search for solutions is done in close co-operation with the clients and artists to ensure maximum "oneness".

Along with our partners, we provide modular and highly flexible systems which are individually adapted to each project.