Hannes Köcher @ Stückwerk 09

In collaboration with Satu Herrala and Verena Holzgethan, our long time partner Hannes Köcher developed a performance-installation for the dance festival "Stückwerk 09", building traces of various environments to explore the bond between memory and space.


Performances are on June 18th through June 20th, starting at 20:30, Tanzquartier Wien-Studios.

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"Next Please"

media installation by Hannes Köcher, Hofburg Wien

"Next Please" is an automated video mixer that records and remixes the faces of it's viewers. A monitor continually shows a collage of faces and face fragments. A webcam is mounted in the frame and on the attached computer the software tracks visitors by recognizing and recording faces.
The monitor was mounted in a golden frame and the ever changing picture was shown as the next president in the Austrians Presidential Gallery at the Hofburg, Vienna.

The Making Of: Astro Balloon 1969 Revisited

we recently received the images documenting the setup of the astro balloon © markus pillhofer


Relative Realities goes Mexico

Relative Realities is scheduled to be shown in Mexico City in September 2009. We are currently investigating mounting possibilities, audio equipment and shipping procedures. Fortunately the project was postponed due to time constraints. Implementing this installation under current conditions would have been impossible but we are looking forward to seeing our friends and colleagues in Mexico in fall.

Gölles Duftbar

The newly opened Hotel Riegersburg features an interactive infoterminal which determines your very personal taste in "Schnaps". The terminal is linked to custom made display cases with interactive lighting. In cooperation with formsache medienwerkstatt.

Phänomen Haydn

The exhibit at the Landesmuseum Burgenland features "old fashined" gobo projections with their very unique quality. Aureol Beamshapers were used for all projections. 

Im Landesmuseum Burgenland wurden anlässlich der Ausstellung "Phänomen Haydn" Goboprojektionen mit Aureol Beamshaper realisiert. Diese "altmodische" Projektionstechnik hebt sich durch die ganz eigene Qualität der projizierten Bilder von Video- oder Diaprojektionen deutlich ab.

inside cat-x "Tunis"

A few pictures linking to a previous project "ICNM in Tunis, 2005"  - essentially a brief "making of..."